Common Paediatric Sports Injuries

Most common sport injuries in children

Nobody doubts that living an active outdoors life is paramount to all of us. However, it’s easily understandable that making sure that we transmit this lifestyle to our younger generation is essential. The only way to guarantee healthy adulthood is to make sure that our children understand the importance of staying active and carrying out sports activities.

No matter if it is swimming, rugby or golf. Kids must understand from a very early age that sport is not only something fun, social, and entertaining, but it is also a healthy and mandatory thing to do.

As we always say in our blog, in the centre lays the virtue. Our children need to carry out physical activities, but it also must be done carefully. Sports cannot only lead to obsessive compulsive behaviour. Injuries can make our kids suffer extreme pain, frustration or even fear, but they can also put them away from being active. This is why, today we are going to talk about the most common paediatric sport injuries.

Obviously, the most common injuries are related to overdoing a joint, muscle or tendon. This is not applicable only to children, but due to their inexperience or lack of technique, it can be more common than in adults. Dislocations, ligament tears and fractures are among the most common. The most affected areas are often shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles.

To prevent kids from having injuries it’s very important to stay hydrated before, during, and after practicing any kind of sport and respecting resting periods. Hydration will ensure that the tissues are more flexible. Decreasing the probability of damage.

However, if an injury happens, Orliman has everything you need for the treatment of any injury your children might suffer, from dislocated shoulders to wrist sprains. Orliman has a wide variety of adaptable, comfortable and breathable products that will ensure the quickest and best recovery for your child.

Boxia foot splint plus

Orliman´s new product

Equine foot is a condition that causes the person to not be able to hold the position of their feet correctly, usually causing the foot to “hang”. This condition occurs in 1 of every 7 new-borns. Although it is considered congenital disease, it has not been proven to be hereditary. One of the causes for this condition to occur is neurological problems as well as a malformation in the anterior tibial muscle

Equine foot also causes ankle dorsiflexion, hemiparesis, and pain. As we were commenting before, people suffering from equine foot have this condition since they are born, and it causes them to barely walk on their toes, causing them extreme difficulty, and in many cases, falling to the floor.

This is why, Orliman brings you the latest product to help people suffering from Equine foot. The new Boxia foot splint plus is a new support that guarantees comfort and stability. Easy to use, with semi-automatic fitting that can be placed with one single hand. As always, made with breathable materials to ensure comfort and coolness. The elastic traction band holds the ankle in the most neutral position possible with a hook that attaches to the shoelaces, allowing freedom of movement at the same time as it ensures a correct position. To make things easier for our clients, Orliman has also created an explanatory video that will explain perfectly clear the correct position of the splint as well as explaining its benefits.

In a nutshell, we know how challenging it can be to deal with equine foot. It limits your daily life and makes everything much more complicated. This can have a developing impact as well as psychological impact. This is why Orliman works hard every day so we can make the life of our customers a little bit easier, no matter how hard it gets.

The most common injuries in Beach volleyball

Injuries in beach volleyball

No one that has played it can deny that beach volleyball is a lot of fun. The fact that you can go one step further and through yourself in the air to try and hit the ball because you know that you will land on comfy sand makes it all the better. Besides, you can always refresh yourself at the beach to get rid of the sand and sweat. It’s a great family-friendly sport that is played worldwide, and we definitely recommend.

However, don’t get us wrong; it’s a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally. Anyone that has played for 10 minutes will realize how extremely aerobic beach volleyball is. Although the sand is comfy to land on, it is quite tough and even dangerous to run or step on. This is why sprains are extremely common on beach volleyball players, professionals and amateurs alike. Today, we are going to talk about how to avoid them.

As we always say, proper preparation is paramount in every sport. We should never forget that sport should be taken seriously and treated with respect while using adequate protection. In order to prevent sprains, it is necessary to stretch our leg muscles, as well as not doing strenuous exercises while playing, especially if you are new to practicing sports.

However, this is not enough to prevent an injury sometimes, and it´s why we always recommend using Orliman´s supports for wrists, elbows ankles, and knees. Indeed, ankle braces ensure the correct position of our ankles at all times as well as guaranteeing comfort while carrying out any sport or exercise.

Stretching our muscles properly while using Orliman’s brace for every joint in our bodies is essential to enjoy a game of volleyball safely on the beach.

How to prevent the most common summer sport injuries

Prevent Summer injuries

As most of us wanted, summer is finally here. The pleasant weather makes us more open to trying new activities, new sports and, in essence, be a bit more outdoors and proactive. However, being too active without the proper attire or previous conditioning can lead to injuries, which can mean the end of the summer enjoyment. This is why today we are going to talk about the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them.

The most popular summer activities are usually water activities. From swimming to kayaking, we all enjoy our time under the sun feeling the freshness of the water. However, it is of extreme importance to remember two things: we must be protected, and our bodies must be ready for the exercise. We should never push ourselves over our capacity, especially if we are talking about sports carried out in the water. Back injuries are common during summertime, and we might think swimming could strength our back muscles. However, not having adequately trained all year long and overdoing yourself might cause more damage rather than benefit from swimming. It also applies to Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting; you name it. If the technique and the conditioning are not appropriate, you might suffer from risk injury. To save your vacations and stay healthy, Orliman offers belts, corsets, and Harnesses to use when carrying out sports with a high level of workout in the trunk area of the body.

Another sport a lot of people start in summer is running. Sunshine and warm weather sounds like the ideal moment to put on some comfy clothes, trainers and go out for a jog. Nevertheless, the same situation applies here. A lot of us tend to overdo ourselves without having done previous training, and on top of this, we forget to wear the appropriate equipment for the matter. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries during the summer. To prevent them, Orliman´s ankle support ensures our muscles and ligaments to always be in place when going out for a run.

Summer is a great time of the year to start new activities. But remember to do it always safe.

Key aspects to improve your sport performance.

There is something about sport that makes you want more and more every day. It is like a drug that makes you want to push a little bit further all the time. This is a very positive aspect not only for our physical health, but also for our state of mind. The feeling of achievement when we work hard makes us feel like there is nothing we can’t do. However, pushing ourselves too far can have negative consequences, mainly injuries that will keep us away from practicing our favourite sport. This is why today we are going to look into improving our sport performance without risking injuries.

Just like cars need an exact type of fuel to work, our bodies require the correct food as well. Things like vitamins are often taken for granted when in reality are extremely important. According to experts, vitamins are just as important as proteins or healthy fatty acids. We must always consider a correct and balance nutritional intake to ensure our best performance and avoid injuries. In addition to this, a very important aspect is to focus on functional exercises. Functional exercises aim at a particular muscular group. This improves strength and muscle memory, making your overall performance better.

It might come as something obvious, but being able to tell if you are performing better than a month ago is not always an easy task. Nowadays, this issue is easily solved thanks to the new apps that can be downloaded easily into almost every single device. This will help us keep track of our exact performance, letting us know where and how we have to push a little bit further.

As we were saying at the beginning of this post. Performing to our highest level is important, but it is essential to do it in a healthy way. Orliman´s Sport line will allow you to perform to your best without risking injuries. Orliman offers you a whole range of products to hold and protect our shoulders, wrists, ankles, knees and more from injuries. Made with the best materials to ensure elasticity and adaptability to our own body. The best way to avoid injuries and enjoy your training is with Orliman.

Take care of your feet this summer with Orliman´s orthopedic soles

Have healthy feet in summer

Summer is a lovely time of the year, the weather allows you to be outdoors most part of the day, there is no need to wear that many clothes and the days are longer. No one can deny that since it is the most extended opinion about summer. But the fact is that summer weather can create certain problems, the increase in humidity causes you to sweat more and the kind of clothes that we use is quite different to what we are used. It is safe to say that our feet take the worst part of this situation. That is why today we are going to talk about how to ensure our feet to stay healthy, wound-free and hydrated over the summer.

As we were saying before, warm weather makes us more prone to wearing sandals, flip-flops and other kinds of open footwear. Usually, this kind of footwear does not require socks, which means that our bare feet are in constant contact with or sandals, this can cause friction, being able to cause blisters. The main issue with the blisters is not only the pain that we feel every time we walk, but because of the humidity it can easily lead to infected wounds, causing a serious problem from what used to be a simple scratch. To avoid these situations, try to keep your feet as hydrated as possible by using cream, apply a dressing as soon as you can feel pain from the scratch and never pop the blister.

In addition to this, experts consider flip flops quite bad for our feet, due to the fact that the feet is not properly fasten, the movement that our foot joint has to carry out can cause development of splints. This is why it is always recommended to wear closed shoes.

Nevertheless, on top of wearing closed shoes, in order to ensure the perfect footstep, we should always wear insoles like Orliman’s orthopaedic insoles. These insoles are made of viscoelastic silicone which ensures support in different density. They are also lined with hypoallergenic materials which prevent bacterial growth.

Make sure you have Orliman´s orthopaedic insoles to prevent injuries, infections and wounds in your feet.

Special Summer Edition: how to protect yourself from the sun

Are you going on your holidays but you are afraid of skin cancer? Read our next post.

The 13th of June is the European skin cancer prevention day, might seem like another day in the calendar, but it is fair to say that, as the effects of global warming increase, it will soon be a much more important day. According to the Skin Cancer foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will suffer from skin cancer before they turn 70 years old. Considering this, we are going to focus today on how to prevent skin cancer and how to protect ourselves from the sun.

Due to the hole in the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are much more damaging than they used to be, this is why it is of extreme importance that we try to reverse global warming. Experts recommend a few tips that we should always consider for cancer prevention.

It is paramount that we avoid sunlight or sunbathing between 12am and 4pm. This period is when the sunrays are most damaging to our skin. To avoid getting skin burned at the first sun exposure, experts recommend to increase sun exposure one day at a time, starting by only 15 minutes at a time, and increase it by 10 minutes each day after this. In addition to this, we should never use sun cream under factor 15, the cream should be applied 30 minutes before exposure as well as reapplying cream if we sweat a lot or after getting our skin wet. We should never use cologne, deodorant or makeup while sunbathing.

The most sensitive group is obviously the children, this is why experts say that children under 2 years old should not only apply sun cream but also have some physical barrier from sunrays. Nevertheless, children under 6 months should avoid sunlight at all costs, as it is the period when the skin is most fragile. Our most sensitive body parts are the face, neck, head, cleavage, feet and ears.

After sun exposure is very important that we take a cold shower and that we apply after sun cream to nourish our skin.

In a nutshell, we should not be afraid of sun exposure, we should always enjoy our time on a sunny day, but it is extremely important that we take the correct precautions for cancer prevention.

Exercices for low back pain

It is safe to say that we have all suffered from low back pain at one point or another, the truth is that our lower back (lumbar area) can be quite delicate if it is not properly trained, on top of that we must understand that we carry out a damaging position for our lower back at least once per day. Adding up both factors gives you a very high risk of suffering from lower back pain, and we don’t realise how painful it is until we are not suffering it.

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Outdoor sports

We are heading to lovely summer weather, an either if you are a beach or a mountain person, there is one thing that these places have in common; the wide variety of different sports that you can practice. This week we are going to talk about outdoor sports and how to be prepared for anything.

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