How to prevent the most common summer sport injuries

Prevent Summer injuries

As most of us wanted, summer is finally here. The pleasant weather makes us more open to trying new activities, new sports and, in essence, be a bit more outdoors and proactive. However, being too active without the proper attire or previous conditioning can lead to injuries, which can mean the end of the summer enjoyment. This is why today we are going to talk about the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them.

The most popular summer activities are usually water activities. From swimming to kayaking, we all enjoy our time under the sun feeling the freshness of the water. However, it is of extreme importance to remember two things: we must be protected, and our bodies must be ready for the exercise. We should never push ourselves over our capacity, especially if we are talking about sports carried out in the water. Back injuries are common during summertime, and we might think swimming could strength our back muscles. However, not having adequately trained all year long and overdoing yourself might cause more damage rather than benefit from swimming. It also applies to Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting; you name it. If the technique and the conditioning are not appropriate, you might suffer from risk injury. To save your vacations and stay healthy, Orliman offers belts, corsets, and Harnesses to use when carrying out sports with a high level of workout in the trunk area of the body.

Another sport a lot of people start in summer is running. Sunshine and warm weather sounds like the ideal moment to put on some comfy clothes, trainers and go out for a jog. Nevertheless, the same situation applies here. A lot of us tend to overdo ourselves without having done previous training, and on top of this, we forget to wear the appropriate equipment for the matter. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries during the summer. To prevent them, Orliman´s ankle support ensures our muscles and ligaments to always be in place when going out for a run.

Summer is a great time of the year to start new activities. But remember to do it always safe.

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