Take care of your feet this summer with Orliman´s orthopedic soles

Have healthy feet in summer

Summer is a lovely time of the year, the weather allows you to be outdoors most part of the day, there is no need to wear that many clothes and the days are longer. No one can deny that since it is the most extended opinion about summer. But the fact is that summer weather can create certain problems, the increase in humidity causes you to sweat more and the kind of clothes that we use is quite different to what we are used. It is safe to say that our feet take the worst part of this situation. That is why today we are going to talk about how to ensure our feet to stay healthy, wound-free and hydrated over the summer.

As we were saying before, warm weather makes us more prone to wearing sandals, flip-flops and other kinds of open footwear. Usually, this kind of footwear does not require socks, which means that our bare feet are in constant contact with or sandals, this can cause friction, being able to cause blisters. The main issue with the blisters is not only the pain that we feel every time we walk, but because of the humidity it can easily lead to infected wounds, causing a serious problem from what used to be a simple scratch. To avoid these situations, try to keep your feet as hydrated as possible by using cream, apply a dressing as soon as you can feel pain from the scratch and never pop the blister.

In addition to this, experts consider flip flops quite bad for our feet, due to the fact that the feet is not properly fasten, the movement that our foot joint has to carry out can cause development of splints. This is why it is always recommended to wear closed shoes.

Nevertheless, on top of wearing closed shoes, in order to ensure the perfect footstep, we should always wear insoles like Orliman’s orthopaedic insoles. These insoles are made of viscoelastic silicone which ensures support in different density. They are also lined with hypoallergenic materials which prevent bacterial growth.

Make sure you have Orliman´s orthopaedic insoles to prevent injuries, infections and wounds in your feet.

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