Exercices for low back pain

It is safe to say that we have all suffered from low back pain at one point or another, the truth is that our lower back (lumbar area) can be quite delicate if it is not properly trained, on top of that we must understand that we carry out a damaging position for our lower back at least once per day. Adding up both factors gives you a very high risk of suffering from lower back pain, and we don’t realise how painful it is until we are not suffering it.

Exercises for low back pain

On top of this, when we suffer from low back pain, we also realise how much we use that set of muscles every single time we move. It is of extreme importance that we are aware of how we move, especially when we are not in pain, because when we are already in pain is too late. This is why this post is going to be about what kind of exercises should we carry out to treat and prevent low back pain.

It is very important to distinguish between the kind of exercises you can carry out and which one puts you at risk. Since some of the exercises put too much strain in the muscle and can be much worse. The exercises that should be avoided at all costs are toe touches, sit ups, leg lifts. ​These exercises put a high stress level on our vertebral disks, spine and lumbar area and should always be substituted for exercises such as hamstring stretches, knee to chest crunch, pelvic tilts or bridging. these are exercises that concentrate a lot more on the low back area but do not put as much strain on the are in question. These last exercises plus some gentle weight lifting and some aerobic exercise such as swimming or walking will have an extremely positive impact on our health and on our low back pain.

In addition to this, for when we are carrying out our favourite exercise, or just doing our everyday choirs, Orliman offers a whole line of corsets that vary from intensity and materials. These corsets ensure the correct posture and keep your lower back properly aligned.



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