Have you heard about Orliman’s socks?

As we have already mentioned in a few posts before, our feet are the tires of our body. They are constantly under a lot of pressure from our own bodyweight, they can be bound to wounds and pain and they move us around. It goes without saying that it is of extreme importance to take extra care for them.

Diabetic, travel and sport socks

People suffering from diabetes will probably know from their specialised nurse or doctor that taking good care of their feet is of extreme importance. Due to their high blood sugar levels, they are prone to suffer complications such as diabetic neuropathy which causes numbness in their feet or peripheral vascular disease. Peripheral vascular disease causes a lower circulation to the feet, this in turn makes our skin harder to recover from small wound which can easily infect and lead to serious problems. Diabetic socks can really make a difference in regards to these conditions. This is why Orliman a great range of diabetic socks that prevent these situations from happening.   These socks prevent infections thanks to their bacteriostatic treatment.

On the other hand, siting on the same position for hours affects the venous blood flow from the lower limbs, this can lead to problems such as thrombus. No matter how young or healthy you are, it could happen to anyone of us. When we have a long-hourly flight ahead, it is paramount to take precautions in regards to our blood flow. Doctors always advice to wear travel socks, this is why Orliman offers a line of compressing travel socks which prevent this from occurring by stimulating venous blood flow from our lower extremities back to our heart.

Nobody can deny that sport is another major contributor to feet damage, problems like venous flow or muscle injury from impact are very common. Special sport socks are essential for any sportsman or woman that is willing to perfom as well as they are possibly capable. This is why, Orliman´s sport socks offer special protection on the most delicate areas of our feet like Achilles tendon, calves and toes, as well as being made from a special material which ensure constant temperature and optimum blood flow everywhere.

In a nutshell, no matter what kind of person you are, Orliman has a special sock for you!

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