The most common injuries in Beach volleyball

Injuries in beach volleyball

No one that has played it can deny that beach volleyball is a lot of fun. The fact that you can go one step further and through yourself in the air to try and hit the ball because you know that you will land on comfy sand makes it all the better. Besides, you can always refresh yourself at the beach to get rid of the sand and sweat. It’s a great family-friendly sport that is played worldwide, and we definitely recommend.

However, don’t get us wrong; it’s a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally. Anyone that has played for 10 minutes will realize how extremely aerobic beach volleyball is. Although the sand is comfy to land on, it is quite tough and even dangerous to run or step on. This is why sprains are extremely common on beach volleyball players, professionals and amateurs alike. Today, we are going to talk about how to avoid them.

As we always say, proper preparation is paramount in every sport. We should never forget that sport should be taken seriously and treated with respect while using adequate protection. In order to prevent sprains, it is necessary to stretch our leg muscles, as well as not doing strenuous exercises while playing, especially if you are new to practicing sports.

However, this is not enough to prevent an injury sometimes, and it´s why we always recommend using Orliman´s supports for wrists, elbows ankles, and knees. Indeed, ankle braces ensure the correct position of our ankles at all times as well as guaranteeing comfort while carrying out any sport or exercise.

Stretching our muscles properly while using Orliman’s brace for every joint in our bodies is essential to enjoy a game of volleyball safely on the beach.

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