Boxia foot splint plus

Orliman´s new product

Equine foot is a condition that causes the person to not be able to hold the position of their feet correctly, usually causing the foot to “hang”. This condition occurs in 1 of every 7 new-borns. Although it is considered congenital disease, it has not been proven to be hereditary. One of the causes for this condition to occur is neurological problems as well as a malformation in the anterior tibial muscle

Equine foot also causes ankle dorsiflexion, hemiparesis, and pain. As we were commenting before, people suffering from equine foot have this condition since they are born, and it causes them to barely walk on their toes, causing them extreme difficulty, and in many cases, falling to the floor.

This is why, Orliman brings you the latest product to help people suffering from Equine foot. The new Boxia foot splint plus is a new support that guarantees comfort and stability. Easy to use, with semi-automatic fitting that can be placed with one single hand. As always, made with breathable materials to ensure comfort and coolness. The elastic traction band holds the ankle in the most neutral position possible with a hook that attaches to the shoelaces, allowing freedom of movement at the same time as it ensures a correct position. To make things easier for our clients, Orliman has also created an explanatory video that will explain perfectly clear the correct position of the splint as well as explaining its benefits.

In a nutshell, we know how challenging it can be to deal with equine foot. It limits your daily life and makes everything much more complicated. This can have a developing impact as well as psychological impact. This is why Orliman works hard every day so we can make the life of our customers a little bit easier, no matter how hard it gets.