Healthy tips to prevent lumbago and sciatica

We take it for granted every day, but our spinal column is under a lot of pressure at all times. Every time we lean to pick what we have dropped or we squat to check underneath something we are forcing our backs to bent and turn.

Do you suffer from sciatica or lumbago? Here are some tips to treat and prevent it.

Almost every single movement we do is directly or indirectly related with our spinal column. Of course, we don’t go around thinking about it every day, but we do realize what kind of role our back plays on our daily activities when we suffer from back pain. This kind of pain can be at times unbearable. It can be constant, when exercising, throbbing or even radiating to other parts of the body. The most common types of back pain are low back pain and Sciatica. Being the former the most common cause of disability in young adults in the UK, with more than 100 million workdays lost per year, according to the world health organization.

It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population will suffer from back pain at some point. The causes for this pain are usually sprains, strains or herniated discs among others. This kind of pain limits considerably the person’s life and usually requires rest and active rehabilitation.

Sciatica is a pain caused by the herniation of a vertebra.

When a vertebral disc dislodges from its location, it can apply pressure to the sciatic nerve causing a radiating pain that can be felt from the lower back down to our feet. Affecting not only our lifestyle, but also our rest.

Nevertheless, this conditions can be prevented with different methods doing strengthening exercises such as stretching our back muscles, which will hold our column in its appropriate place, using heat or ice packs on the located area to reduce the inflammation or keeping a healthy and hygienic posture when sitting.

However, some tasks that we carry out every day due to our job or lifestyle will always put our backs at risk. From carrying our children around to lifting heavy things at work, we are always susceptible to back pain. This is why using back supports like our semi-rigid lumbosacral back support Lumbitron Elite Duo can considerably prevent us from suffering back pain. Its flexible and adaptable back steel stays and its frontal stays ensure support for the back and abdominal restraint, guaranteeing the optimal position for our backs and preventing them from straining or spraining.

In a nutshell, taking our backs into consideration before the pain appears is the best tip to prevent it from occurring.


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