Podology for special occasions. Know more about podology

Everybody can clearly explain what a cardiologist or a Orthopedic surgeon do. But not everyone is so acquainted with what a podiatrist does. A podiatrist is someone that has been trained and specialized in diagnosing and treating problems with our feet and lower limbs.

How going to a podiatrist can improve your everyday life

It goes without saying that our feet play an essential role in our lives. The are the tires to our car, the only part of our body that indirectly contacts the floor, this means that taking good care of our feet is paramount to ensure that we don’t have problems, not only on our feet, but on our whole body. It’s a fact that having problems with our feet can significantly affect our posture and even make us feel pain all the way up to our necks. That is why our feet are so important, however, we don’t always pay as much attention as we should. Prevention plays an essential role in the fast diagnose and treatment of feet conditions. It is important to check our posture, toes, foot and heels to ensure that we don’t have any problems before its too late.

Podiatrist deal with all kinds of issues on our feet, from calluses, verrucas and bunions, to flat feet, athlete`s foot and sport injuries. These situations can occur to any individual, a great deal of sport injuries and directly related with our feet, professional athletes visit the podiatrist much more often that what we think. A professional podiatrist will observe and elaborate a plan to improve the condition or stop it completely in different ways. Some situations may need several visits to the podiatrist to slowly remove things like calluses or bunions. The worst cases might need surgery to recover. Others on the other hand might be treatable using different products like bands and shoes which you may find on our website.

Our feet tend to be forgotten very often, but we should really be aware of them and treat them before the situation gets worse.

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