Discover Orliman’s Manutec Fix Rizart plus for osteoarthritis therapy

Hand sport injuries can cause severe damage to a person’s career as well as for its future life. But this kind of injuries are not only present in sport. Daily life activities and physical jobs can also lead to severe damage to our hands.

The new hand brace that can prevent hand lesions for everyone

From carrying groceries holding heavy objects at home or work, every day actions that we carry out without even thinking can lead to serious injuries that can greatly affect your career. Not only this but office work can affect hand performance too due to incorrect posture. We spend long hours on a fix posture forcing our joints and muscles to hold a position. This damages severely your musculoskeletal system.

From carpal tunnel syndrome to osteoarthritis and thumb dislocation, injuries can hinder your work performance severely and cause sick leave, costing millions to companies. This kind of injuries can take from a few weeks to months to recover and if they are not properly healed can lead to new and more severe injuries. This kind of lesions will only aggravate with the years, affecting the morbidity at elderly age and leading to other problems in other areas of the body. It is highly important to ensure safety above everything else in every working place.

Thankfully, there are hand brace that can be used to prevent this for happening. Orliman´s new Manutec Fix Rizart plus holds the hand in its correct position, preventing it from losing its functional anatomy hence. This is achieved due to the use of highly- effective plastic materials that hold the hand firmly secured with a metal core but comfortably so that the user feels able to carry out activities.

This hand brace can treat all kinds of hand injuries, from osteoarthritis and rhizarthrosis to post-surgical treatment of hand lesions and skier’s thumb. This device will facilitate recovery and guarantee injury relapse.

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