The stages of injury recovery explained by an orthopedic specialist

Poor posture or a sharp sudden movement can cause muscle fibers to break or tear. Along with back pain, these injuries are a very frequent reason for orthopedic consultation. Sometimes patients do not take sufficient care with these injuries and consequently they never heal properly, which can have lifelong effects. This is why, after suffering a trauma, it is important to go to a professional orthopedic clinic where a process of rehabilitation, based on orthopedic techniques which strictly comply with each phase of injury recovery, will be applied. This is the only way to properly recuperate.

The recovery period for each lesion must be respected; this depends on factors such as the type and size of the muscle tear and the characteristics of the person (age, weight, and health status). It also depends on the treatment received. Three grades of severity are normally differentiated for torn muscle injuries: from the mildest, grade 1, that has an estimated recovery time of 8 to 10 days; grade 2 lesions, that require from two to four weeks; and the most severe, grade 3, that can take more than a month to heal.

Recovery phases and treatments to follow

Acute phase (the first five days):

  • Apply a cold icepack or similar
  • Perform a draining massage
  • Apply red orthopedic (kinesiology) tape
  • Rest
  • After 2-3 days you can start to make small, gentle moments

First stages of recovery (after the fifth to the tenth day):

  • Apply heat
  • Make smooth movements
  • Perform a draining massage to aid circulation and to relax the muscles

Partial recovery phase (after 10 days):

  • Put a compression bandage on
  • Perform gentle stretching exercises

Full recovery phase (after 20 days):

  • More intense exercises and stretching, and deeper massages are recommended

These steps must be carefully followed for proper recovery.


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