Tips facing conditions on our feet (Claw toes, bunion)

It is fairly easy to know someone (or even ourselves) that suffer from conditions like claw toes or bunions. It is not necessary something related exclusively to the elderly, young healthy people can show signs of future bunions and don’t even know about it. Today we are going to look into these situations and we will give you small tips to prevent them or minimize its negative effect.

Do you suffer from calluses or foot conditions like bunions?

Bunions are deformities that happen at the base of our big toe. This occurs when the toe pushes against the next toe, forcing the bone of the joint to point outwards. This causes redness, movement restriction, pain and soreness. This situation can be caused by wearing tight footwear or injuries, although it can also be inherited at birth. Bunions can lead to other more serious conditions like Bursitis (the cushions between our bones inflamed) or can even lead to hammertoes.

Claw foot or claw toes is a condition in which the toes deform and bend, looking like claws.

The closest joint to the ankle will point upwards whilst the furthest joint from the ankle will face downwards, this gives the illusion of a claw. This condition can present itself due to ankle surgeries or injuries, as well as inflammation or nerve damage. Other more serious situations that may cause this are diabetes, cerebral palsy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or stroke. It is most usual that claw toes don’t cause pain by itself, but it can prone patients to develop calluses or ulcers caused by too much friction with shoes or sandals.

The best way to treat both of these conditions is by wearing the most appropriate footwear. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of wearing the most beneficial footwear, especially for patients with these characteristics. In Orliman we have the best shoes to prevent and protect your feet. Our therapeutic shoe Franki has no seams in its inside, preventing the patients from injuries caused by friction and preventing lesions on operated feet. It is completely adaptable to any kind of width but at the same time ensuring the perfect grip with two locking systems, at the tongue and at the back. Our shoe Franki is the perfect aid to prevent our feet from deteriorating and developing more complicated conditions.

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