Computer assisted surgeries, orthopaedic future

It is no secret that technology has invaded our lives almost completely, it is getting more the difficult by the days to look for something that is not computer based. Only a few years ago it was unthinkable that something as serious and dangerous as surgery could be carried out by a machine and not by a human being. But those days are clearly over as Robots and computers have been proven to have a positive effect on certain surgical procedures, at times, being even more precise than the human eye.

Technology is changing our lives

Computer HD definition is helping surgeons before they even get to theatres. Obviously, everybody knows that carrying out surgery, no matter how simple it is, has its own difficulty, differentiating the different tissues and a bone is no easy task. As amazing as it may seem, scientists have created machines that are able to distinguish between the smallest tissues and produce the most realistic copy possible. Needless to say this ability comes in handy when carrying out orthopaedic surgery. Hip and knee replacements with the help of incredibly smart machines are already happening.

For these kinds of surgeries, small trackers are placed on the patient’s anatomical area, the machine then records the movement of this area so that it is able to localise precisely where each part of the area in question is. This then allows the machine to create a perfect map of the area, allowing the surgeon know how he should approach the surgery even before he picks up the scalpel.

The main benefits are the fact that, a few years ago, knee and hip replacements where standard, putting on the surgeon all the responsibility of modifying the sample until it could fit the patient’s needs. Those days are over for good, as these computers reproduce exactly what the patient needs, making everybody’s life easier. In addition to this, it is not only making the patient’s life easier; it is also ensuring a faster recovery for the patient, as the surgeries are more precise. Fewer incisions are required, which in turn means that less muscle laceration occurs.

Technology is making our lives easier every day. Who know what the future will bring us in the application of technology on medicine.

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