Are you worry about nail diseases? There are some tips to prevent them

If there is a part of our body that we don’t take into consideration, that is our nails. It is quite unknown by normal society but our finger and toenails can say a lot more than what we think about or health situation. From arsenic poisoning to psoriasis and even cardiovascular disease, they can all be diagnosed from looking at very simple and often visual signs on our nails. Thickness, changes in nail shape and colour or bleeding, all can be a quick aid to early diagnose a worse situation.

Our nails say a lot more about us that we think. There are some tips to prevent nail diseases

Something known as Beau’s line, which simply a depression running across our fingernail, can be a clear indicator of peripheral vascular disease, diabetes or Zinc deficiency. One of the most common has to be clubbing nails, this occurs when our nails start to thicken and curve around the fingertip, this situation is closely linked to pulmonary disease, liver disease or AIDS. On the other hand, random white spots can be a sign of malnutrition or poor health.

It can be agreed that nails often say a lot without us really realising it. However, our nail abnormalities can be prevented by following a few easy tips. It is obvious that keeping our nails clean and not biting them can make a significant difference in the state of our nails. It is also very important to always use nail clippers and trim short and across our fingertips, and always after a shower or bath, when the tissue is softer. At the same time, it is also very important to keep them dry, that way we will prevent them from bacterial infection. Protectors like our digital caps are a good option, because they cushion and protect the bony protuberance.

Another important tip in regards to our nail on our toes is not wear shoes that don’t fit us, it doesn’t matter if they are too big, too small or too narrow. Wearing inappropriate shoes can lead to ingrown nails or cause blisters which can become infected.

In conclusion, our nails deserve to be taken care of every so often, take proper care of them and visit the doctor whenever you feel that something is not wrong can really make a difference on your health situation, sometimes, even saving lives.

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