Achilles tendon and joint injuries. Know all about them.

Not many people know that Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It goes from the heel, all the way to you calf muscle. As you can imagine from its size and location, it has a very important function in simple things like walking. Although it looks and feels stiff, it is a kind of injury that can occur to anybody.

Achiles tendon and this kind of injuries are far more likely to occur than what people think. But they can be avoided with the correct precautions.

From highly trained elite sportsman to ordinary people. These injuries go from mild to moderate, causing a burning feel that eventually turns into stiffness. If these injuries are not treated properly, they can lead to a partial torn of the tendon o even complete rupture.

The causes of an injury in this area of the body are related to quick changes in momentum, going from walking to running explosively can cause a damage in the tendon. Sports like football, gymnastics, baseball, basketball and tennis are among the most common sports where this situation can occur. However, it is not only in sport that this occur. Simply walking or jumping uphill, wearing high heels or having flat feet are all situations which leave us prone to suffering an injury in our Achilles tendon as well as in any other joint of our body, which are also equally susceptible to this activities.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that if you do sport or have high heels are bound to suffer an injury. It can be prevented following simple tips. As we were saying, causing a rapid distress can lead to injury, so it is very important to not increase our physical activity too quickly with leaving our body time to adjust. These situations happen a lot with the amateur runner that wants to run a marathon after only 3 months training. If the increase in intensity is not done slowly and thoughtfully, injuries occur.

A very straight forward way to find out if you have a problem with your Achilles tendon is by trying to extend your foot or mobilize your toes. Unfortunately, sometimes injuries are inevitable, and actions must be taken, on our website you can find specially-made, adaptable fixed walker that will help you with your recovery by blocking the action of the tendon when walking, allowing it to rest and recover.

To sum up, injuries in this area of the body are very common and they must always be taken into consideration. Being careful with how we train and with our footwear can really make a difference.



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