Doing sport regularly is beneficial for our bodies, but can sometimes result in injuries and joint pain.

Orliman Sport products provide solutions for the rehabilitation of different injuries and disorders and as a method of injury prevention in consultation with a health professional.

Orliman Sport supports arise out of the need to provide solutions to the growing demands of sport, work and daily life.

Their use is indicated for complaints, discomfort and muscle injuries and to keep the body active at all times and in optimum condition.

Working every day so that you do not stop

Behind every Orliman® Sport product is an excellent team of specialised staff who work every day to help you achieve your goals. A team that, together with the valuable opinions of specialists, professionals and users, develops the best supports to resolve your complaint or discomfort.

Orliman® Sport incorporates the most advanced technology using state-of-the-art materials to ensure excellent comfort, a perfect fit and high quality of use to help you keep your body in optimum condition for sport, work and daily life with the fundamental objective of achieving the fitness you desire.