Anti-bedsore cushion injected with viscoelastic foam featuring excellent “shape memory” properties and an anatomical design; very effective in distributing the user’s weight to prevent excessive pressure. It can wrap around and cover a large portion of the body surface which increases the contact area between the cushion and the body and absorbs the impact of loads. The surface features a silicone pad which guarantees an adequate distribution of the pressure in the bone areas of highest risk (ischium and sacral).

They’re made of high-density foam with immense shape recovery and are specially conforming to adopt a correct posture and achieve adequate pelvic stability. There’s a slight slope in the thigh area and a small central rise for a natural abductor effects, preventing contact between them and body sliding forward which would imply a harmful posture.

The matrix core () fosters ventilation offering greater softness and a refreshing sensation in the skin  in addition to better accompanying body movements, reducing friction, shear and the effects of maceration.

The foam does not lose flexibility which makes it long-lasting.


OSL1260 P=80  kg/m³


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Indications: Prevents bedsores in people at high risk and used as an auxiliary method to treat them. Fractures and other painful conditions in the sacrococcygeal region. Chronic idiopathic anal pain (CIAP). Hip bursitis. Helps with posture changes. Slight postural asymmetries. People, whether incontinent or not, who remain in sitting positions for long periods of time. Conditions requiring posture control and stability from the pelvic area. Relief for postpartum pain and postoperative recoveries in general.

Effects: Prevents the appearance of pressure ulcers – bedsores – by dispersing the pressure on bony prominences and other vulnerable/sensitive areas. Eliminates high-pressure points to foster better blood circulation. Reduces the effects of maceration because of the breathability of the cover and cushion ventilation. Moderate pelvic stability and ML and AP posture support. Decreases friction forces and sliding. Keeps the skin clean and dry, guaranteeing maximum comfort and hygiene. Controls moisture. Fosters and eases patient rehabilitation. Offers better prophylactic and therapeutic care.


Dimensions 42 × 42 cm

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