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The lumbar and dorsal elements are made from breathable honeycomb fabric with terrycloth interior. The dorsal element features preformed malleable aluminium splints and adjustable semi-elastic straps in a soft padded fabric to fit the underarm area and achieve optimum comfort. The lumbosacral element features a belt with a lumbar structure and rear stays. On their inner edge, from where they start on the dorsal side up to the shoulders, the straps are made with a more rigid edging to ensure a better fit for the dorsal element, thus enabling greater elasticity in the underarm area.

Models available:
TC201: Beige
TC101: Gray
TC200A: Gray, Abdomen pendulum


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Indications:Especially indicated in cases of kyphosis, vertebral wedging, dorso-lumbar injuries, infectious diseases that affect the dorsal spine, spinal disc herniation, post-operative care, osteoporosis, vertebral fractures and in all cases in which correction of kyphotic curvature is required. Certain low lumbago-associated dorsalgia (T8, T12) that requires temporary immobilisation (patient journeys, mechanical, work-related and domestic stresses and strains, etc.). In cases where partial thoracic containment is required at certain times of the day depending on the activity. A model is available for patients with pendulous abdomens (Ref.:TC200A).

SIZES 2 3 4 5
PERIMETER CM 80-90 90-100 100-110 110-120

SIZES 2 3 4 5
PERIMETER CM 80-90 90-100 100-110 110-120

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