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Orliman’s lower limb realignment orthosis is composed of a belt and two thigh supports linked by elastic straps that create traction from the inside of both thighs to the back of the belt with the aim of keeping the lower limbs in abduction and consequently achieving correct alignment. The belt and the thigh supports are made from velour and are fastened at the front by means of Velcro straps. They feature silicone dots on the inside to prevent displacement and rotation of the orthosis when being worn by the patient. The belt also has lumbar padding for comfort. The straps that link the belt and thigh supports are elastic and made from polyamide and elastane, and include a strip of elastic velour on the inside.


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Indications:Conditions that cause malfunction in the alignment of the lower limbs as a consequence of neurological disorders. The aim of the orthosis is to provide a more functional gait pattern and greater autonomy for everyday activities. Gait disorders requiring positioning of the lower limbs in abduction in patients with cerebral palsy. Spina bifida. Disorders during embryonic development. Other rare disorders. Patients with hypotonic musculature.

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