What is Hallux valgus? What measures should I take?

Hallux valgus can be the medial deviation of the first metatarsal, the lateral deviation and/or rotation of the big toe or a prominence of the first metatarsal head. These situations can cause pain when the joint is moved and problems with footwear. However, pain is not always the most obvious symptom.  Many patients go to their doctors due to aesthetic reasons.

Hallux valgus is a complex deformity that affects the first metatarsodigital segment of the foot

Hallux valgus is a condition which affects 23% of 18-65 year olds and more than 35% of people over 65 years, this occurs due to a condition or a group of conditions occurring.

The main reason for Hallux valgus is splayfoot, this occurs when the foot arch flattens. This causes the toes to flatten too, making them vulnerable to rotation and inflammation. Other reasons are wearing high heels or weak tendons.

Although the condition is serious due to the pain and restriction of movements. The treatment has caused a great deal of controversy. Even though surgeons and many of us would prefer to avoid the surgery as much as possible, treatment that does not involve surgery will decrease the symptoms but it will not treat the cause. In addition to this, the surgery to treat Hallux valgus has a wide range of techniques which will fit a person but not everyone.

In reality, depending on the kind of patient the future of the condition can vary considerably. On one hand, young people which are flexible and exercise often, the deviation can be corrected fairly easy through physical therapy and exercises. On the other hand, on older patient who already suffer other kinds of bone or joint problem such as arthritis will probably require surgery, which it usually works very well and has very good results. In order to decide if the patient requires surgery, the doctor will look at different kind of variables such as the degree of the deformity, co-morbidities and the patient’s situation as a whole.

Prevention is key

Having said all this, the best thing to treat Hallux valgus is to never suffer from it. Prevention is key and it can be achieved by doing exercises, toe spreaders and cushions, insoles and even specially made shoes.

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