Treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular disease

As figures show, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the first and fifth cause of death in the main western countries respectively. Not only this but according to the World Health Organisation, the incidence of Type II diabetes will increase by 80% in the upcoming years. Diabetes disease is a condition by which or body cannot control appropriately our blood glucose levels, what many people don’t know is that diabetes is directly involved in the increase in probability of suffering cardiovascular, and renal complications. This means that actions must be taken to revert this situation, which has led to an amazing increase in scientific research in this matter, delivering in many cases very interested results, improvements and advances.

Major advancese made in the world of Diabetes treatment

Scientists from the university of Leicester have proven that by looking into the potassium channel in our cells, which carry out an essential role on heart rhythm and tissue protection to name two, we can understand better how the body modifies drugs so that they are effective in our body, hence, understanding how to improve this process, making the drugs more exact and potent at the same time.

Other studies have proven that, although measuring periodically our blood sugar levels is the most effective way to control diabetes, having a more holistic approach to the comorbidities (blood pressure, cholesterol and albumin levels) is the only way to reduce significantly the risk of cardiovascular disease. For that reason it is paramount to control the other cardiovascular markers so that diabetic patients can be properly monitored, reducing the need to act when it is too late.

Moreover, The New England Journal of Medicine published a paper in which states that the use of the drug canagliflozin reduces by 14% the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, at the same time as it reduced the cardiac failure hospitalisation by 33%. In addition to this, risk of suffering renal disease was decreased by 40%.

To wrap this up, the increase in investigation and research will certainly bring improvements in the treatment of diabetes. But it is essential to understand the importance of not only taking care of our blood glucose level. But also checking on our blood pressure, cholesterol, Potassium and sodium levels, etc. It is indeed the only way to prevent and treat quickly the effects that diabetes can have on our cardiovascular system.


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