Treatment of back pain, avoid stress

The dorsal spine is reinforced by a series of muscles that have the tendency to contract, causing persistent and diffuse pain, fibrosis and muscle spasm. The treatment of back pain, or dorsalgia, is aimed at relieving pain. But also important is addressing the causes of this ailment, especially correcting bad posture and trying to eliminate stress, which is highly conducive to the onset of back pain.

Treatment of back pain, what is back pain?

For good treatment of back pain, it is necessary to not just relieve pain and treat symptoms. It is important to tackle the causes as well. And stress is one of the main ones, along with bad posture, trigger points, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, which affect the bone mass of the spine, herniated discs, which can aggravate the symptoms of back pain, and vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis.

Continual stress and emotional somatisation usually affect the dorsal area because its musculature is anatomically and physiologically influenced to a large extent by the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic), which makes it susceptible to emotional influences. Because of this, in the treatment of back pain, it is becoming more common to apply relaxation and respiratory re-education techniques to eliminate stress.

The second most common cause is bad posture. Stooping while walking, sitting badly or lifting heavy objects incorrectly are some examples of poor posture which can cause the muscles of the area to change their length and mechanism of action, resulting in pain. In the treatment of back pain , it is a good idea to consider applying the principles of ergonomics at work and home for posture re-education.

The use of shoulder supports in the treatment of back pain relieves pain and corrects bad posture

The use of an orthosis, such as a shoulder support, also helps to correct posture defects. For this reason, Orliman has designed a new Comfort figure-of-eight shoulder support. It fits perfectly to the trunk and provides suitable control of the area. It is also easy to use and comfortable to wear, thanks to its breathable fabric. This Orliman orthosis helps shoulder retropulsion, reduces dorsal kyphotic curvature and corrects posture. All of this makes it perfect for the treatment of back pain.

Along with the use of shoulder supports, in the treatment of back pain, it is advisable to follow these recommendations:

  • Go to a physiotherapist. Massages, exercises and stretching are essential for relaxing and strengthening the muscles of the area. And to relieve pain.
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques. Eliminating stress is key to avoiding back pain. Relaxation and breathing techniques will help you relieve tension in the area and control stress.
  • Correct bad habits. A sedentary lifestyle, sleeping on an inadequate mattress, bad posture, excess weight and certain day-to-day activities can all contribute to back pain.
  • Fractures and diseases that affect bone mass. Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and try not to finish the treatment too early.

Back pain is a very painful ailment that can prevent you from doing certain day-to-day activities. Because of this, you should start the treatment of back pain as soon as possible. And, above all, learn about its causes. This will help you act on them and prevent them from reappearing.

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