Medical therapy, a solution for cervical pain.

Cervical pain is caused by excessive loading on the muscles and heavy wear on the vertebrae. It is an intense pain that can cause stiffness, headache, nausea and dizziness, among other symptoms of cervical pain. One of the solutions to cervical problems is medical therapy. The aim of this treatment is to exercise the weak muscles of the back to combat the cause of pain.

How to stop cervical pain?

Cervical pain is related to weak cervical or lumbar muscles. Muscles in these areas are responsible for protecting and stabilising the spine. If it is not developed, it is more likely that the causes of neck pain will appear. It is therefore important to exercise these muscles and reinforce them through medical therapy, which includes machines for analysis and therapy and exercises supervised by a physiotherapist to prevent problems. This improves the functionality of the neck, optimises posture to prevent muscle overload and increases the strength and endurance of the muscles.

Cervical collars help relieve cervical pain and tension.

This medical therapy, accompanied by massage, local application of heat and the use of techniques such as ultrasound, helps in the treatment of cervical pain. The use of cervical collars is also a complement to therapy as they offer support and muscle tension relief in the area. Remember though that the doctor’s instructions must always be followed because prolonged use can cause atrophy in the muscles and result in greater discomfort.

At Orliman, we offer various models so that patients can choose the one that is most comfortable for them and best suits their needs. These include the soft collar and the semi-rigid collar in polyurethane foam with polyethylene reinforcement. As well as holding and supporting the neck, these collars help to decrease pressure on the intervertebral discs, limit flexion and extension and relieve muscle tension. These Orliman models also have a version for children, who can choose between the paediatric semi-rigid collar and the paediatric cervical collar.

Prevention to avoid cervical problems

Cervical pain is a very common discomfort. Bad posture, stress, spending a lot of time in front of the computer…, the cervical region has to withstand considerable demands every day. Prevention is therefore essential to avoiding cervical problems:

  • Maintain good posture. Whether at work, in front of the computer or lifting heavy objects, or at bedtime, to reduce tension in the neck.
  • Be careful with telephones. Avoid resting them between the ear and shoulder while talking, it is better to use earphones.
  • Do stretching exercises. Especially if you work on a computer. This helps stretch the muscles.
  • Be careful with your teeth. Bruxism can cause tension in the neck. If you grind your teeth, go to your dentist to get a mouth guard fitted.
  • Avoid stressful situations.

We often ignore cervical pain. We relieve symptoms with anti-inflammatory drugs and the application of heat. But a definitive solution to cervical problems is elusive. Medical therapy, by strengthening the muscles, helps prevent pain from becoming chronic and addresses the causes of neck pain.

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