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Thoracolumbosacral corset made of 4 mm low-density polyethylene and lined with a padded fabric that can be easily removed, allowing it to be washed and thus achieving proper hygiene of the orthosis while simultaneously protecting the patient from possible chafing. A padded, height-adjustable splint is located on the front section, allowing us to achieve a complete extension of the spinal column. Polyethylene is a thermo-moldable material, allowing us to make adjustments on the corset by applying heat (the fabric lining must be removed before applying heat). The frontal plane is located from the sternum to the pubic symphysis; the breast area remains free on women. The rear plane is located from the middle third of the scapula to the halfway point of the gluteus region. The Orliman twin shell corset features 15º of lumbar lordosis. It is fastened with dobbies and Velcro straps at the iliac crests, waist, and underarms. The sternum support height and depth can be adjusted by doubling the frontal splint, which allows us to properly adjust it according to each patient’s physical characteristics. One of the main advantages of its design is that it facilitates placement on bedridden patients.

Models available:
CT1001: Men
CT1002: Woman


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Indications:Conditions that require immobilization of the spinal or lumbar areas, such as pre and post-op spinal procedures. Vertebral fractures. Herniated disc. Osteoporosis. Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, spondyloarthropathy, painful scoliosis in adults, etc. Torn or lax ligaments. Neoplasia that causes degenerative processes in the spine. Thoracic Kyphosis in mid to lower spinal region. Prevention of spinal stenosis in bedridden patients.

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