Single axis knee joint with lock

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The 6Н06A knee is designed for patients with low activity level. The prosthetic knee is equipped with a closure device that blocks the knee in maximum extension position. Due to its design, there is no possibility of lateral movement taking place during use. The knee’s unblocking system may be mounted both on the left and on the right side of the prosthetic knee, according to the amputee member to be treated.
In is manufactured in two versions, with two types of distal ends. With pyramid (6H06A/1) and with 30 mm female tube adapter (6H06A/3).


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Load actiity level: K1

Code Max. Patient weight /kg/ Max. angle of extension /degrees/ Material Weight /gr/
6H06A1 125 120 Aluminum 305
6H06A3 125 120 Aluminum 295
The mechanism’s design prevents lateral gaps during the movement process.
Version with male pyramid adapter.
Design version of the distal part, with 30 mm female tube adapter.
It may be activated without installing a fastener cable, thanks to the serial screw included to adjust the knee during prosthesis adjustment.
Body part

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