Single axis friction knee

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The 6Н02 prosthetic knee is for patients with a low and moderate activity level in the event of amputation of lower members or with distortion of the support function of the remaining extremity. When the knee’s flexion angle is less than 25º, posterior torsion is blocked by the load effect, which guarantees greater stability in inclining the knee in the movement support phase. When the prosthesis is unloaded, it is unblocked and the joint union may be moved. The knee is equipped with an adjustable device to extend the knee.
*The device to extend the knee is delivered disassembled.
**The tube shown in the image is not included.


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Load actiity level: K1, K2

Code Max. Patient weight /kg/ Max. angle of extension /degrees/ Material Weight /gr/
6H02T 100 120 Titanium 480
6H02C 125 120 S. Steel 680
Supplied along with the module knee extension. Vertical adjustable replacement for load. Adjustable device for the extension of the knee. Sliding polymer bearing between the cover and the casing.
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