Polycentric knee joint 4 axis

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The 6Н01 knee is for patients with low and moderate activity levels. It is used for femoral prostheses in the event of amputation above the knee. The knee’s kinematics allow for a functional reduction of the prosthesis in the forward movement phase. It has a flexion-extension moment regulation device for the swinging phase, which may be adjusted according to user needs. Manufactured with ball bearings (that do not require maintenance) at all axles, which guarantees high mechanical stability and increases trustworthiness during use.


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Load actiity level: K1, K2

Code Max. Patient weight /kg/ Max. angle of extension /degrees/ Material Weight /gr/
6H01T 100 135 Titanium 465
6H01C 125 135 S. Steel 673
Ball bearings in all axles: they do not require maintenance and guarantee unbeatable trustworthiness, increasing their life cycle. Adjustable firmness in closure system. Adjustment in flexion-extension moment.
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