Polycentric knee joint 4 axis

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The 6Н09А knee is for patients with low and moderate activity levels. The knee is used in prostheses for amputation above the knee (transfemoral amputation).
The needle roller bearings used in manufacture increase knee stability and trustworthiness during use. Said module’s kinematics allow for a functional reduction of the prosthesis of up to 15 mm in the forward movement phase of the support surface, thereby obtaining a prosthesis identical in length to the other member. The knee is equipped with an adjustable device to extend the knee.


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Load actiity level: K1, K2

Code Max. Patient weight /kg/ Max. angle of extension /degrees/ Material Weight /gr/
6H09A 100 135 Aluminum 460
Needle roller bearings of high resistance that prevent gaps from coming about over time. Adjustment system to control flexion-extension moment in the knee. Maximum total weight, 460 gr.
Casing without plastic elements, with resistant aluminum to support in the knee if necessary.
Tibia return speed adjustment system for extension.
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