Ankle support made from three-layer breathable elastic material, featuring 2 high-density thermoplastic mediolateral splints and a rigid corrective textile strap. It can adapt to the different stages of recovery and have, to varying degrees, a protective, corrective and stabilising effect depending on the components used. Its design can adapt to morphologies in which an exaggerated perimeter discrepancy exists between the ankle area and the lower third of the leg. The outer layer of the base fabric facilitates rapid dispersion of sweat while the inner lining has a soft feel. It features an elastic fabric in the heel area to provide a comfortable fit.

OPL490: black ankle support
OPL491: beige ankle support

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Effects: Stabilisation and support of the ankle joints and corresponding anatomical structures. Restriction of the movement of the ankle while allowing free movement of the toes.

Indications Sprains. Ligamentous laxity. Chronic osteoarticular instability. Post-surgical and post-traumatic treatment. Prevention of after effects during walking.

SIZES 1 2 3
PERIMETER CM 23-26 26-29 29-32

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