Hyperextension brace featuring 3 support points: suprapubic, dorsolumbar and sternal; a structure of lightweight alloy aluminium of the type used in the aeronautical industry; a more aesthetic updated design; and an innovative three-dimensional pectoral support system with 3-axis movement thanks to pectoral hinges that ensure a snug fit to the chest and achieve a full elastic range. This new, more comfortable support significantly improves the fit of the brace to the patient’s body, minimising painful impacts that may influence the use of the orthosis for the prescribed treatment. The articulating pelvic support provides the patient with greater comfort while seated and can be fixed at a specific angle. Its closure system is very secure, fast and easy to use. All of the upper padding is made from foam fabric, thermoformed for greater comfort, and can be easily removed thanks to its Velcro fastening system.


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Effects:Hyperextension of the spinal column by means of a three-point support system. Mechanical discharge of the vertebral bodies in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar areas. Stabilisation and restriction of spinal movements. Pain relief.

Indications: Compression fractures. Vertebral pain caused by secondary metastasis. Spondyloarthritis associated or unassociated with arthroscopic sclerosis. Chronic lumbalgia, lumbosciatica and dorsalgia. Medium-term immobilisation after intervertebral disc surgery. Stable vertebral fractures of the lower dorsal spine and lumbar spine. Temporary orthotic care after unstable vertebral body fracture surgery. Permanent orthotic care after vertebral body tumour and metastasis surgery. Post-surgical care after decompression spine surgery with or without internal fixation.

Between the sternal pad and the bottom of the pelvic band.

SIZES 1 2 3 4
PELVIC CIRCUMFERENCE 60-75 75-90 90-105 105-115
HEIGHT 39-46 42-49 45-52 49-56

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