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The leaf spring orthosis is manufactured from injected high density polypropylene. Thanks to its design it allows elasticity at the Achilles heel level, permitting plantar flexion or dorsal flexion whilst walking, preventing the foot from falling, especially in the balancing stage, and maintaining the foot at 90º. The orthosis allows small adaptations and modifications, applying heat by way of a hot air pistol.

Models available:
TP-2102D: Right, Dismounted
TP-2102I: Left, Mounted
TP-2102DM: Right, Dismounted
TP-2102IM: Left, Mounted


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Indications:In general, patients affected by dorsal flexion limitation of the foot. Hemiplegia through vascular-cerebral accidents (ictus), flaccid palsy sequelas. Retraction of the Achilles heel in infantile cerebral palsy. External popliteal sciatic nerve lesions. This orthosis is not for use in patents with varus or valgus deviations of the rear foot, and spastic palsy.

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FOOTWEAR SIZE 35-37 37-39 39-41 41-44
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