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Dynamic orthosis made of flexible thermoplastic (LDPE), comprising an internal part that surrounds the tibial and fibular malleoli, which is in contact with the entire plantar surface. With articulated monocentric joints, protected internally with polyethylene foam, and the possibility of easily adjusting the dorsiflexion limit. It encloses the entire perimeter of the midfoot, ensuring that the orthosis fits the foot correctly, while optimising containment of the tissues. The fastening system allows a comfortable and firm adaptation and an adequate fit while preventing movement between the foot and the orthosis. Very lightweight and with a trimmable hem, its low profile design is easy to adjust in the shoe. To ensure greater comfort, pads for the toes and the dorsal midfoot are included.
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Effects: Restricts plantar flexion, preventing the foot from dragging on the ground during the swing phase. Adjusts to the angle of the ankle for better control over leg movement. Realigns the entire foot and includes support for the inner longitudinal arch. Stabilises the foot-ankle ensemble, improving all phases of the gait cycle and facilitating the development of fundamental movement patterns for a more natural gait. Optimises the capacity to execute voluntary postural balance and gait movements.

Indications: Stops plantar flexion, preventing the foot from dragging on the ground during the swing phase. Controlled dorsiflexion. Stabilisation of the foot which improves all the phases of the gait cycle. Support in the internal longitudinal arch. Optimisation of the capacity to execute voluntary movements of postural balance and gait.

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