Do you know how to prevent sport injuries?

Some people are worried about sport injuries, and that is because doing sport has become a trend more and more popular by the hours. Every day more people start going out for a run, swimming or just hitting the gym

Sport injuries are a worry to some people, but lot of them could be prevented with the correct technique and knowledge

It goes without saying that this is extremely positive in every single sense. The healthier our society is, the better future we will have and the longer we will live. However, although doing sport is the best kind of lifestyle possible, if the person does not have the proper knowledge is putting himself at risk of suffering injuries which could in turn stop him from doing sport for a couple of weeks or even forever, as well as risking his every day activities. Today we are going to give you some quick tips on how to prevent this from happening.

As mentioned before, a lot of the injuries that occur to amateur people could be reduced if the person has the technique and knowledge under control. It is estimated that 25% of sport injuries could be prevented.  One of the most important things to take into consideration is having the actual physical condition to do the sport. It is highly dangerous to start running by training to run marathons in 3 months, this kind of attitude towards sport can damage our body severely.

Another important aspect is our equipment.

The gear that we use to do sport must be as adapted to our needs as possible, the is no need to buy the most expensive pair of trainers, but neither is recommended to get the cheapest. Knee injuries are one of the most (if not the most) common kind of injury in sport activity, on our website you will find knee bands which will hold our patella tight preventing It from dislocating or damaging while we do our favourite sport.

Two of the most important tips to develop our training properly and safe from injuries is sleep and warming up. Not getting the appropriate number of hours of sleep can lead to muscle burn and weakness. As important as it is to be constant, the body also needs to rest in order to recover properly. On the other hand, before carrying out our favourite sport we must always warm up properly, if our system is cold and we suddenly increase the intensity the tissues and the muscles will resent from it.

In conclusion, carrying sport is always the way to have a healthy life and a better future, but cautions must always be taken so that we can enjoy it as much and as long as possible.

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