Find out about Orliman Pediatric’s new paediatric insoles

When a child has walking difficulties, it is advisable to use paediatric insoles. By doing so, foot problems and deformities can be treated early and corrected quickly. Orliman has developed new insoles for its Orliman Pediatric children’s orthopaedics and paediatrics range, which offer great benefits. In addition to being very comfortable and easy to wear.

Paediatric insoles correct walking and foot anatomy problems

Children’s feet are essential for the proper development of their musculoskeletal system. It is important to take care of them in order to prevent defects that can lead to problems in other parts of the body, such as the legs and back. One of the most typical problems is flat foot.

Flat foot is a condition in which the plantar arch of the foot is not as high as normal. Its axis usually drops towards the internal or middle part of the body (pronation). To correct it in paediatrics, strengthening exercises and the use of paediatric insoles are recommended to change the foot’s alignment axes and enable its muscles to begin to work differently.

Orliman’s children’s orthopaedics range, Orliman Pediatric, has designed new paediatric insoles that are intended for flexible flat foot, joint hypermobility, control of flexible deformities of the heel and joints of the tarsus, hindfoot valgus and pain in the internal longitudinal arch (on the heel or knee).


Orliman Pediatric’s paediatric insoles can be used in any kind of footwear

Orliman Pediatric’s paediatric insoles offer numerous benefits to improve children’s foot problems:

  • Realignment of the heel. They optimise the Achilles tendon’s angle of tension and provide a stable base for the joint surfaces of the talus, navicular and cuboid bones.
  • Limitation of the movement of the subtalar joint.
  • Elevation of the arch of the foot.
  • Relief of tension in the plantar fascia. This reduces pain.
  • Improvement in the positioning of the heel. These paediatric insoles feature a deep cavity. This keeps the heel in place and provides natural cushioning and impact absorption.
  • Adequate stability of the hindfoot. This optimises balance when walking.

Among their benefits, these new paediatric insoles stand out for their comfort. As they are very light, children feel comfortable wearing them and they can easily be fitted to any type of footwear. Additional wedges can also be inserted. Orliman Pediatric’s paediatric insoles are available in three versions, depending on the inclination of the heel:

  • Neutral wedge (0º). Designed for flat foot as they provide support to the internal longitudinal arch.
  • 3º wedge. These are ideal for feet with slight pronation.
  • 5º wedge. Designed for feet with moderate pronation.

Foot deformities are one of the main disorders in paediatric consultation. Detecting and treating them in time prevents problems such as overloading, gait abnormality and scoliosis (deviation of the spine). Along with using paediatric insoles such as those offered by Orliman Pediatric, children are recommended to use appropriate shoes and do simple exercises (walking barefoot, running and cycling) to strengthen the foot and tone up the muscles and ligaments.

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