Orthopedics will help you move freely again

Orthopedics is the medical specialty that studies and treats skeletomuscular illnesses and injuries. Orthopedic clinics are equipped with computerized nuclear tomography equipment, x-ray machines and the latest technologies to diagnose and to help you recover faster.

Orthopedic clinics use therapeutic methods, preventative measures and surgery to help patients. Problems are first diagnosed then treated with medicine, exercises and surgery. One of the most common treatments is physical rehabilitation, this is normally composed of exercises to be done by the patient and physiotherapy sessions. To prevent recurrence of injuries personal rehabilitation plans are made for patients alongside the supply of general information about the skeletomuscular system. Upon completion of a successful rehabilitation plan the patient will recover movement, strength and pain-free use of the affected body area.

Within the specialty of Orthopedics there are sub-sets of specialties: spine column surgery, hand surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, foot surgery, scoliosis, infant orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, key hole surgery, transplants. Orthopedic doctors choose to be general orthopedic doctors or specialists in: hand, foot, shoulder, hip, knee, pediatric, trauma, sports medicine.

 Orthopedics alongside biomechanics studies skeletomuscular injuries, both congenital and received. These are studied from birth to old age.

Lower back pain (lumbar) is one of the most common complaints that is treated by orthopedic doctors. The lower vertebrae, or lumbar, supplies movement and strength. From the movement of the lumbar we can bend over and to the side. From the strength of the lower back we can walk and pick up objects. The vast majority of physical activities that we carry out in our daily lives depend on these two features of our lower back.

Finally, we would like to mention that having all the parts of your body working correctly will greatly improve your quality of life and general health. If your lower back is painful you should seek medical advice as the pain can interfere with your daily tasks. Lower back pain is not normally indicative of a serious health problem but it is always better to stay on the side of caution and get a check up from a specialist.



  1. Alex DeanReply

    I have been dealing with back pain for a while now, but the doctor said it isn’t something that requires surgery. He is wanting me to go see a orthopedics specialist to help me out, and I was curious on why this is a good suggestion. It’s good to know that physical rehabilitation is something that they might suggest doing to help with me getting better. It’s also good to know that it just consists of exercise, which makes me feel comfortable with this type of treatment. Thanks for the information!

  2. Amanda DrewReply

    Thanks for letting me know that orthopedics decide whether they’ll be general doctors or specialists. My wrists have been hurting me quite a bit lately, and I would really like to get that fixed. I’ll have to find an orthopedic doctor who specializes in that to help me out.

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