Lumbosciatica and lumbago, how can I treat them?

The use of lumbosacral back supports for the treatment of lumbosciatica or lumbago is widespread. They can help prevent the intense pain that these conditions cause and also correct bad posture, which can be a contributing factor. At Orliman, we have redesigned our Lumbitron Elite back support to increase its benefits and improve patient comfort.

Lumbosacral back supports to relieve lumbosciatica or lumbago

The new Lumbitron Elite lumbosacral back support offers support in the lumbosacral region – the most affected by lower back pain and lumbosciatica. To achieve this support, it is reinforced in the lumbar area with four flexible, preformed and adjustable steel stays.

On its front, it features two flexible stays for greater abdominal stability and support. In addition, it is also equipped with a foam lumbar pad that provides heat to the area.

Lumbitron Elite lumbosacral back supports are made from breathable material for greater user comfort. To achieve this comfort, the fabric is soft to the touch and provides a snug fit to the body. And they are made with a threadless seam technique to prevent uncomfortable chafing.

Lumbitron Elite lumbosacral back supports are designed to provide maximum comfort

The benefits of these lumbosacral back supports are several:

  • They reduce strain on the spine.
  • They help maintain proper posture.
  • They relieve pain in the area.
  • They limit pelvic flexion to restore alignment of the spine.
  • They provide strong support to the lumbar area.
  • They reduce nerve stress.

In order to take advantage of the benefits offered by lumbosacral back supports, a key aspect must be taken into account: size. The back support must fit perfectly.

If an excessively large size is selected, the necessary compression will not be achieved. And if the size is excessively small, certain movements will not be possible, it will be too tight and it will compress certain areas too much, which could exacerbate the injury or cause another one.

Lumbosacral back supports provide the necessary support and compression for the treatment of lumbosciatica or lumbago

It is also important to follow medical advice on the use of lumbosacral back supports and combine them with strengthening exercises for the area. This will prevent the muscles from atrophying.

Treatment of lumbosciatica

Lumbosacral back supports are one of the main elements in the treatment of lumbosciatica and lower back pain. The latter appears with intense pain in the lower back. In lumbosciatica, this pain also affects the sciatic nerve and radiates through the leg.

As well as lumbosacral back supports, the treatment of lumbosciatica and lower back pain should also consist of taking analgesics and anti-inflammatories, resting and applying cold and heat to the area. When the pain is less intense, various stretching exercises on the affected muscles can be performed. This strengthens the area and relieves pain. And, above all, it is essential to follow the instructions of the specialist, either doctor or physiotherapist, to avoid major problems. 

What is the duration of lumbosciatica?

The duration of lumbosciatica, if treatment is properly followed, should be about two weeks at most. Although it can sometimes last up to a month, depending on the degree of pain. In most cases, the treatment of lumbosciatica is non-surgical. If the duration of lumbosciatica is longer though or if it is a severe case, surgery may be a good option for releasing the nerve.

And once both conditions have passed, it is necessary to ensure that they do not recur. It is important to do exercises to strengthen and develop the lumbar and abdominal muscles, avoid being overweight, maintain a good posture and not lift heavy weights. That way, the back will remain healthy and suffer from fewer problems.

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