Knee rehab

No one can deny that knee injuries or conditions such as osteoarthritis can be extremely painful Our knees are one of the most affected joints in our bodies due to various reasons. The main one has to do with the fact that we use our knees every single day, mainly unnoticed, every time we make a small step, a complex system of bones, muscles and ligaments work together. As any other thing, due to the use we give our knees, the joint can resent and wear out. Things like our diet, activity (too much or too little) or family history play a very important part on our knees.

Tips for your knee rehab

Obviously too much exercise will damage our knees, but so does too little too, keeping ourselves active helps keeping the muscles surrounding the joint strong and fit, holding everything in place and avoiding injuries. In addition to this, what we eat also plays a very important part, being overweight has an overwhelming effect on our knees, if we make our knees support a lot more weight than what they are supposed to, at some point they will give up, this in turn has a terrible effect on the patient, varying from excruciating pain, to total disability to walk.

Having a family history of Osteoarthritis should always rise the alarm on individuals. This condition is caused when there is loss of cartilage in the end of the bones disappear, creating a situation in which there are friction points between bones, this causes extremely painful situations as well as stiffness. In order to recover from this situation, it is paramount to lose excess weight, do moderate exercise and carry out knee rehab.

Knee rehab has been proven several times to be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Carrying out certain exercises, always supervised by a specialised professional, involving stretching, mild movement and being physically fit help dealing with the conditions. In addition to this, Orlimans knee pad Gonartec advance ​can be your best friend on your knee rehab. Orliman’s knee pad is light, elastic and comfortable, made with the best materials to guarantee correct position as well as keeping it nice and cool. It consists of a 3-point pressure system with two cross-straps to ensure optimal unloading on the affected side.

Orliman’s knee pad is your best ally against osteoarthritis and your best friend for your knee rehab.



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