If you suffer from arthritis, you need to take care of your feet or ankles

Arthritis is a common condition among the 40-year-old population, it affects the smooth cartilage in our joints, this is the “cushion” that protects the actual bones from touching each other, avoiding friction and pain, as well as stopping the bone from eroding. It is also associated with other diseases that can affect the joints such as Gout or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritic feet symptoms are pain, swelling and stiffness on our joints. Today we are going to look at how to decrease our pain and take good care of our joints.

Arthritis is a common condition among the 40-year-old population

We will start by talking about the most affecting symptom of arthritis, pain. The pain that arthritic patients suffer can be unbearable, to the point of incapacitating the patient and affecting their mood, the pain is so intense, it can lead to psychological issues such as depression. It is essential for patients to understand that pain can be treated by other things that aren’t drugs. Acupuncture, warm baths, canes an crutches for walking and braces,  Orliman’s knee braces are a very good aid to guarantee pain relief, stabilization and protection to our knee joint. It is made out of resistant, transportable and adaptable materials that ensure the best fitting for your leg, as well as increasing or decreasing the pressure intensity.

Pain is the most affecting symptom of arthritis.

Another very important aspect on the treatment of arthritis is exercise, no one can argue that it is extremely hard to exercise when you’re in pain, but it is paramount that an effort is made, because the less you exercise the more pain we will have and the more mobility will lose. It is important to take it in small steps and a little bit every day. Always helping ourselves with what eases the pain. You can always try exercising while having the joint on warm water or trying to distract from the pain while exercising, for example, watching tv or reading a book whilst you slowly bent and straighten your leg, arm or wrist.

On the other hand, if what you need is rigid but adaptable and breathable wrist support support, Orliman’s has you covered. As the new palmar and thumb splints will give you exactly that. This support will not only adapt perfectly to the anatomy, but it will also protect the area from possible hits or from damage occurred from falling. Because of its soft and dry interior material, it can be used continuously for long periods of time.

To conclude, remember to put the area in pain in warm water, exercise as much as it is possible and wear Orliman’s braces and supports to ensure protection.

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