How to prevent summer ulcers

For most of the people summer is the best season of the year. The sun is out, it is warm and the days are much longer. Is the time of the year that most of us use to travel or get together with our families to have fun. However, it is also a period of time where people may be affected by what to most is the best part of the season, the temperature.

Our elderly and people with reduced mobility may be terribly affected by the weather conditions, as the suffer from frail skin and poor circulation to the limbs, the heat will produce sweat, which leads to humidity. Putting all of these conditions together plus the fact that there is some insensibility in their legs, unfortunately leads to suffering from summer ulcers.

Summer season can be dangerous for our skin. Take care and know all about summer ulcers

Ulcers are a very serious condition, when there is a discontinuation of the skin in a young healthy person, it is easy to treat, the person will probably develop a scab and eventually heal without much effort. Nevertheless, in the case of the elderly, because of the conditions described above, this might not occur, which could lead to worsening of the wound making it reach the bone or even having to amputate the limb.

Due to this, it is very important to take good care of our elderly or teach them how to do it themselves, as well as using the appropriate equipment of it. Staying fresh well hydrated, mobilisation or frequent position changes and checking the skin are paramount to ensure that we do not suffer from these conditions. However, this might not be enough if the person has a reduced mobility. On our web you will find all kinds of skin protectors for the main pressure areas. These are extremely important specially at bedtime, when repositioning is not possible. From boots to heel protectors, Orliman has all kinds of soft protections that will keep the area fresh and breathable as well as preventing it from getting damaged.

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