How to place a Tibiofemoral derotation strap

Unfortunately, some children are born with extremely tough conditions. Cerebral palsy and rare or neuronal diseases are among the worst kind.

Children suffering from these conditions often require special help in order for them to carry out certain things like walking or holding their posture when standing. This is due to their instability and their lack of equilibrium, in fact, the main signs of cerebral palsy are weak arms or legs, fidgety, jerky or clumsy movements, random, uncontrolled movements and walking on tip-toes.

The correct way of placing a Tibiofemoral derotation strap

Nowadays, with the help of rehabilitation and the correct apparatus, these children can achieve an improvement in their posture and their equilibrium.

As we have just mentioned, in order to improve equilibrium and improve posture it is paramount to carry out rehabilitation exercises under the supervision of a specialised physiotherapist. It is very important to keep children with cerebral palsy as active as possible. Helping him carry out everyday tasks, carrying out specific exercises and stretching has proven to be extremely beneficial to keep a good muscular tone.

In addition to this, it has been proven extremely beneficial to use a tibiofemoral derotation strap. Orliman´s tibiofemoral derotation strap consists of a series of straps that are attached to a belt at the waist. The silicon straps adhere to the child’s legs producing an upwards spiral traction. This traction the bones in the inferior limbs of the child to rotate, holding them in the right position and correct alignment.

The tibiofemoral derotation strap has proven to be extremely beneficial, nevertheless, it is important to know exactly how to place on our child. First and foremost, we must place the belt at the waist of the child, adjusting it so that it is tight but without causing too much compression.

After this, we will insert the instep strip on the child’s foot and around the ankle. Following this, we must wrap the child´s leg from the inside outwards, we must have completed approximately 4 rotations, once it is done, the strap must be attached to the belt. This process must be repeated for the opposite leg, making sure the leg is tightly wrapped but not too much.

We really hope this post has helped understanding why it is of great benefit to use a tibiofemoral derotation strap and how to use it.

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