Neurorehabilitation: greater quality thanks to technology

Neurorehabilitation and technology

Neurorehabilitation, also known as neurological rehabilitation, is a medical process which aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury, and to minimise and compensate for any functional alterations resulting from it. In recent years, the use of the latest robotic and virtual reality technologies has increased the capacity for recovery and learning.

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Orthopaedic 3D printing: customising your recovery

Thanks to orthopaedic 3D printing, prostheses can be customised and recovery accelerated.

3D printing has taken many industries, such as engineering and architecture, by storm. But there is no doubt that its most notable advances and achievements have been in the field of medicine. In orthopaedics, for example, 3D printing is opening up endless possibilities for many patients by improving their treatment and quality of life.

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The stages of injury recovery explained by an orthopedic specialist

Poor posture or a sharp sudden movement can cause muscle fibers to break or tear. Along with back pain, these injuries are a very frequent reason for orthopedic consultation. Sometimes patients do not take sufficient care with these injuries and consequently they never heal properly, which can have lifelong effects. This is why, after suffering a trauma, it is important to go to a professional orthopedic clinic where a process of rehabilitation, based on orthopedic techniques which strictly comply with each phase of injury recovery, will be applied. This is the only way to properly recuperate.

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What is orthopedics?

Arthritis, bursitis, back pain, bunions, sprains, or tendinitis. These are some of the many types of diverse pathologies related to the musculoskeletal system that can be treated through orthopedics. This medical specialty is responsible for correcting, or where possible, avoiding body deformities, and improving patients’ quality of life. Most of the time orthopedic clinics receive referrals from trauma cases.

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