Benefits of using insoles

Why using insoles is going to help you? It goes without saying that it is very common to suffer from pain on our feet. No matter if it is Achilles pain, arch pain or even pain on our toes. We have all been there at some point or another.  It is also true that a lot of us have been recommended to use foot insoles. Nevertheless, we are not all completely familiar with this kind of object, how does it work or what it even does. That is why, today, we are going to break down how it works and the benefits of using foot insoles.

No matter what is the pain on your feet, there are some reasons why using insoles is going to help you

Due to the kind of footwear that we use (high heels, working shoes, sandals) we tend to suffer different kind of pains. As we all know, depending on the kind of shoe that we are wearing, we step in a different way. Sandals force us to contract our toes to walk while high heels will damage our foot arch or even our back. Insoles act by applying a constant contact with our foot, which in turn balances the weight more evenly. This prevents us from overusing a certain part of our foot to walk or run.

However, it must not be thought that insoles are to be used only by the elderly or the working people. It is most recommended to use insoles when practicing our favourite sport, as the insoles will decrease greatly our possibilities of suffering injuries such as fasciitis, metatarsal pain, over pronation and back or knee pain. As we all know, our feet are the first part of our body in contact with the surface of the earth, and the way we stand or walk affects deeply our posture, which in turn can cause pain all over our body, even on our shoulders. Insoles also help correct the alignment of our backs and reduce our muscle fatigue.

To sum up, insoles can be of great help for every person suffering from feet pain as well as pain related from posture. We must not forget that this kind of device is not only for the elderly, but also for the elite sportsman.

In Orliman we have different types of templates adapted to each type of pathology. For example, we have the Biontech insole. Biontech is a custom insole designed to diminish joint pain, improve balance and reduce muscle fatigue by fully adapting to the ergonomics of the foot. You can also find insoles like Lined Extra-Fine, thanks to the viscoelastic properties of the silicone, the charging points are damped, both during travel and in static position.

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