Back pain, how to heal it

It is safe to say that we all suffer from back pain at one point or another. Due to having a bad posture or doing certain movements, back pain can appear fairly quick. This kind of pain affects us in many different ways, from stopping us from taking deep breaths due to intense pain to not being able to carry out everyday activities.

An overview on how back pain occurs and how to prevent it

The causes for this condition are very diverse. It goes from holding a poor posture for a long time or a sedentary lifestyle to stress or autoimmune deseases. This means that we are all prone to having this condition at one point or another. Ergonomical movements and postural hygiene are very important things which apply when we are moving heavy weights at home or sitting on the office chair for hours.  Studies reveal that back pain affects people of all ages and there has been a rise in prevalence of this condition.

Symptoms for this condition are, as the name suggest, pain on the spinal column. This pain can also create pain in other areas of the body depending on the nerves that are affected. Back pain can also be related to leg pain, urinary incontinence or even numbness.

To treat this condition, certain exercises and physiotherapy can be carried out when the acute episode occurs as well as when there is no pain to prevent the situation from turning chronic. If the pain is unbearable painkillers can be taken as well as cortisone injections and local application of heat and ice.



The best way to treat and prevent this condition is by using supports like Orliman’s breathable reinforced shoulder support. This device will hold your posture tight and comfortably so that the musculoskeletal structure of the back does not suffer. Made of elastic breathable plastic fibers which prevent the user from sweating or feeling uncomfortable. The elastic bands completely adjustable to the person´s size and needs, making it perfect for everyone to use. The traction of the back is achieved by the retropulsion of the shoulders reducing the possible kyphotic posture. This broadband can make a huge difference in people suffering from acute or chronic back pain and can prevent new pain episodes from occurring.

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