How to recover from different degrees of spinal cord injuries

How to recover from different degrees of spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are a very serious matter. This kind of condition affects the vast majority of the everyday activities of the individual. But of course, not all the spinal cord injuries are the same, there are various degrees and differences depending on at which point of the spinal cord is the injury located. That is why not everybody is as physically challenged when we speak about spinal cord injuries. This is why the spinal cord recovery is paramount. An adapted rehabilitation program for the individual can make a huge difference.

Information regarding spinal cord injuries recovery

These kinds of spinal injuries occur for various reasons, they can be traumatic (caused by an accident) or caused by a disease which destroys the cells in the spinal cord. In any of the two cases, a professional recovery is not only paramount, but it can cause a huge difference.

In the case of Traumatic accidents, the recovery from the surgery alone can be a big milestone. These surgeries in the spinal cord are needed as part of the treatment of spinal cord injuries, but they do cause a serious inflammation in the area in question, which must be reduced as soon as possible.

Another important aspect of the spinal cord injuries treatment is to regain sensibility in the limb(s) affected. This process can be very slow but is essential for the correct and full recovery of the spinal cord.

In Orliman, we offer you the possibility to ease your recovery with a fantastic Static Functional ankle-foot orthoses. This device will help you maintain plantar flexion, which is essential for preventing the foot from losing its tone on the ground while on the swing phase. It also stabilises and realigns the foot.

Unfortunately, the treatment of spinal cord injuries is not always 100% effective. That is why it is very important to learn to use the tools that you might need from now on, as well as prepare psychologically for working around the spinal cord injury that the person used to do before the spinal cord injury and now cannot be done in the same way.


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