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Tips facing conditions on our feet (Claw toes, bunion)

It is fairly easy to know someone (or even ourselves) that suffer from conditions like claw toes or bunions. It is not necessary something related exclusively to the elderly, young healthy people can show signs of future bunions and don’t even know about it. Today we are going to look into these situations and we will give you small tips to prevent them or minimize its negative effect.

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Revolution in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Advances in the treatment of multiple sclerosis provide hope to thousands of sufferers in the world. In Spain alone, it affects 47,000 people and, every year, 1,800 new cases of multiple sclerosis are diagnosed, according to the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN). Among these advances for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the emergence of new drugs that have led to a change of approach to the disease stands out.

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Find out about Orliman Pediatric’s new paediatric insoles

When a child has walking difficulties, it is advisable to use paediatric insoles. By doing so, foot problems and deformities can be treated early and corrected quickly. Orliman has developed new insoles for its Orliman Pediatric children’s orthopaedics and paediatrics range, which offer great benefits. In addition to being very comfortable and easy to wear.

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